Crossfit Update From Kevin William

Haven’t posted to this blog for a while, so I thought it was time for an update on how my Crossfit experience has been going

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Kevin Williams, after three months of Crossfit

As you can see, it’s been going pretty good! I’ve put my money where my mouth is to try out this new fitness craze, as I’m sure that a healthier Arizona is in the best interest of our wonderful state. I’ve best doing Crossfit Jump Rope exercises for crazy cardio which has smashed the fat, as well as resistance work like flipping tires and clean & jerk to build slabs of muscle.

I’m loving this and so is my lovely wife. She’s pretty happy with my new body, and she’s even taken up Crossfit too! Jenny is making lots of new friends, and getting well fit at the same time. No complaints from me! I’ve just bought her the best Reebok Crossfit shoes, which she thinks are incredibly comfortable.

So people of Arizona, get fit, start doing some Crossfit, hit the gym, go for a swim, whatvere!… Just get active