Kevin Williams Recommends Jump Rope For Cardio Strength

Press Release:

Arizona’s Kevin Williams has recently joined a Crossfit Box and is having a whale of a time learning new fitness techniques and meeting fun people with a common goal to lose weight, get stronger and live a healthier life.

Kevin says the key to his recent weight loss has been regular attendance at Crossfit, a balanced diet, and starting each day with 10 minutes of jump rope. “Jumping Rope in the morning is key to weight loss”. By using the best Crossfit Jump Rope, Kevin can start burning calories and kick start his metabolism so that he’s burning fat all day, whilst still working hard for the local community.

Pushing tractor tires, doing countless burpees and slinging sledge hammers is all in a days work now that a regular Crossfit routine is part of Kevin’s day. And of course, he’s starting to master double unders and keeping his heart racing!

Kevin is a man to be proud of, and a role model for the youth of the local community. He’s demonstrating that a health lifestyle is important