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Kevin Williams Recommends Jump Rope For Cardio Strength

Press Release:

Arizona’s Kevin Williams has recently joined a Crossfit Box and is having a whale of a time learning new fitness techniques and meeting fun people with a common goal to lose weight, get stronger and live a healthier life.

Kevin says the key to his recent weight loss has been regular attendance at Crossfit, a balanced diet, and starting each day with 10 minutes of jump rope. “Jumping Rope in the morning is key to weight loss”. By using the best Crossfit Jump Rope, Kevin can start burning calories and kick start his metabolism so that he’s burning fat all day, whilst still working hard for the local community.

Pushing tractor tires, doing countless burpees and slinging sledge hammers is all in a days work now that a regular Crossfit routine is part of Kevin’s day. And of course, he’s starting to master double unders and keeping his heart racing!

Kevin is a man to be proud of, and a role model for the youth of the local community. He’s demonstrating that a health lifestyle is important

Kevin Williams encourages innovation like Drop Shipping in Arizona

Lets make Arizona the place to be for innovators, online entrepreneurs, e-commerce experts and drop shippers.

We’re entering a new era, the age of the internet business. No longer do you need an expensive physical shopfront or office space to run a profitable business. Now, all you need is a computer and a decent wifi connection and you’re good to go. Of course, you need some knowledge too otherwise where would you start?

Arizona is the idea place for entrepreneurs to base themselves. We’ve got an awesome climate, affordable accommodation, great internet, great cafes and a can-do culture. It ticks all the boxes. We’re starting to see startup businesses running e-commerce training, affiliate marketing, Amazon stores, kindle publishing and so much more. And it’s a mix of long term locals and new arrivals too!

I love watching the changes that are happening right now in Arizona, and only for the better!

Jason Williams loves obedient dogs

Oh yeah, it’s true. Jason is a dog lover…. but only if they’re obedient.

We’ve got a goal of opening more dog friendly parks across our great state and training facilities to help run dog obedience courses to ensure that we have the most obedient dogs in the USA.

This is just one of the community focused programs that we’re focusing on bringing to Arizona. The Williams team love this great state and we’re committed to making it the best place in the country to live, work and play… you you and your dog!

Jason Williams’ Platform

Click on the following links to learn more about Jason’s platform.

  • Arizona’s Current Challenges
  • Jason Williams’ Solutions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona’s Current Challenges

Have you heard standards for passing the AIMS test were loweredfor students in every grade level and every subject area? Yet Arizona still ranks in the bottom 10% in the United States for students’ initial graduation exam performance.1

Were you aware that 55 kids drop out of high school every day in Arizona; ranking us 50th in the nation for graduation rates?2

Did you know that Arizona is ranked 49th among the states inmoney spent on public education per student from K-12th grade?3

Did you realize that Arizona’s economic development depends onimproving the quality of the state’s education system, and that business leaders cite this as their top priority?4

Do you know that Arizona has one of the fastest growing obesity epidemics in the western world, and that weight loss is rarely a priority in our community?

The fact is, under the current Superintendent of Public Instruction, thousands of Arizona’s children are being left behind. He is failing our families, schools, businesses, and communities.

Jason Williams’ Solutions

As Arizona’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jason Williams will move ALL of Arizona’s children forward academically. All kids can learn, so Jason Williams will advocate on their behalf, and create an inspiring culture of high expectations.

The most important educational goal for students is literacy. Reading, writing, and mathematical skills are essential to function in our technology driven economy and world.

Therefore, Jason Williams will work hard to ensure that every child is reading on grade level by 2nd grade, and that the percentage of students graduating from high school increases by 50% during his first term of office.

By rewarding both students and teachers for outstanding performance, as measured by a gains-based analysis of a diverse portfolio, Jason Williams will guarantee academic accountability for everyone in Arizona’s education system.

To achieve these goals, Jason Williams will leverage our greatest resource: local leadership. Everyone can volunteer in their neighborhood schools. Together, we will put the power of democracy to work again in our neighborhood communities.


Welcome to the Committee to Elect Jason Williams 2010

Jason Williams’ campaign is a broad, diverse, grassroots movement that believes every child is unique, and we have a responsibility to ensure we reach and teach all children. It is absolutely critical that we all come together to support our teachers and children. Jason believes there is no wiser investment for our state’s future success than investing in our children today through an excellent public education.

Over the coming months, Jason will travel across the State to listen to people’s questions, concerns, and ideas. And, he will share his vision of guaranteeing that all of Arizona’s children have an equal chance in life.

Jason Williams asks you to express your support for public education by supporting his campaign, and remembering your commitment to our children and their health, fitness and weight control needs when you cast your vote this year for Superintendent of Public Instruction.